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BBC One HD Now Available

From 3rd November 2010 BBC 1 HD is available in HD. This adds to the pretty sparse selection of free HD channels that are currently on offer namely

  • BBC HD
  • ITV HD
  • and now BBC1 HD

Steps to tuning in BBC 1 HD

Example for the Edision Piccollo HD satellite receiver

  1. Press ‘Menu’ button
  2. Scroll down and select ‘Installation’ option
  3. Enter Password ‘0000?
  4. Select ‘TP Scan’
  5. Channel Frequency Polarity Symbol rate
    BBC 1 HD 10,847 Vertical 22000
  6. Type in Frequency, Polarity, Symbol and Specify ‘Free’ Channels only
  7. Select Search
  8. Additional channels are added to the end of the channel list.
  9. Exit out of installation menu and check new list and sort as desired

Fixes for Boxes with USB Ports

Note for all boxes sold by that we come with a USB port we have uploaded an updated channel s/w file e.g.

Just go the links above and click on the ‘Attachments’ tab and download the new channel list file.

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